Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bird Ornaments

Although it'd too late to stitch an ornament for this year's finishing - unless you plan on finishing it yourself-it's the perfect time to start next year's ornaments. The air is brisk and some of the stores already have their Christmas displays up!

I loved these two bird ornaments from Ewe & Eye. The top one is A Partridge in a Pear Tree. I just thought it was charming. What a great gift for someone who will be celebrating a first Christmas.

And the cardinal is just irrestible. He's ready for the cold weather with his hat and scarf.

I was away doe a few days and the Ewe and Eye and Maggie canvases I ordered from last January arrived. It's always fun to see what I ordered. Obviously I was on a bird kick. Tomorrow or the next day, I'll share some of the delightful landscapes I ordered and a sweet cancas of three bunnies.

I cut my finger today so typing is more difficult than normal. Be careful with those stitch blades!

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