Wednesday, October 21, 2009

World Series Yankees?

Well, the Yankees were selling tickets for the World Series today on-line. Evidently, the fans snapped whatever was available in 7 minutes! If you are planning a cozier viewing of the World Series watching the Yankees (I hope), you can also do some stitching to demonstrate your support.

On the right, there are three canvases for Yankee fans. The top one is the new Yankee Stadium. Wouldn't it be great to be stitching this when they win their first series in the new stadium?

The middle photo is a Yankees brick cover. It also makes a great bookend. I happen to love the player.

Finally, there is a small Yankee jersey that becomes a Christmas ornament. A perfect gift for the fan in your life.

We also have the old Yankee Stadium for the sentimentalist and a license plate that says Yankees.

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