Monday, December 06, 2010

Celebration Canvases

The Princess and Me has a wide assortment of canvases to celebrate big (and little) occasions. There is the adorable girl's pram at the left. This canvas makes a great door sign. There is also one for a boy.

There is a canvas for a boy graduate. There would be a great canvas to commemorate a graduation. There is also a girl graduate.

There are several canvases celebrating engagements and weddings. All of these make great gifts. 

As you look at the canvases, notice the wonderful use of stitches and threads.  On the pram, the Milanese stitch helps to create the direction of the hood.  And look at the fabulous wheels on the pram - buttonhole stitches around a washer or other circular object.

The other evening, Nancy and I looked at the various ornaments on the wall.  We were so intrigued by the use of threads and stitches.  The Santa Grill master canvas uses bullion knots - for the frankfurters on the grill.  Wonderful beards are created using Fyre werk or Metallic Shimmer Blend with French knots.

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