Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stitches, Volume I and II

A customer asked me asked me to get these the book versions of Ruth Schmuff's Stitches, Volume I and II, . (I already have the app version on my Ipod Touch and the CD's.) But I can't believe how fantastic the book versions are.  I  loved the books!   There are lots of stitches and large, easily read stitch diagrams. When I am looking for a stitch, I like to browse through books to find a stitch.  I have several books that I have two copies -- one for home and one for my summer house. I can tell that these books are going to join that select group of books!

Of course, if you are also a book addict, and computer literate, you will probably want the CD's, too.

If your family is searching for gift items, we have four volumes of each one in stock. But I would recommend sending them soon!
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