Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Stitching

Although I'm way beyond school age, I can't help being excited about the prospect of summer. Of course, I do have to work most weeks but somehow there is the promise of extra time. I'm planning on catching up on my stitching. This past week, I've spent several evenings working on Bruce's Rockefeller Center Stocking. Tonight I finished the white of the skating rink. One of my summer goals is to finish the stocking before the end of summer.

I'm also working on two projects for my NAN certification. Consequently, I did lots of doodle stitching this weekend to determine what stitches I really want to use. Sometimes, although I think a stitch will work, it really doesn't.

If you are traveling this summer, you can take small projects with you. The Painted Pony trunk show has lots of choices.

Another option would be to work on the Old World Santa. We will be stitching the basket and the shawl as a class early this fall.