Monday, June 23, 2008

Threads & More Threads

This month at the TNNA show, I got to see the new Threadworx threads. They are lovely. In addition, there is a new silk for 13/14 mesh canvas that doesn't require stranding. I also ordered all the new colors of Silk Lame - for when you want just a little sparkle. So in order to make room for the new, we have put some of our other threads on sale. We have the following threads at 50% off: Trio, Sparkle Braid, Felicity's Garden, Ultrasprinkles, Shepherd's Silk. At this point, we still have a good selection but not all colors. We are also selling the Gutterman Beads at 50%. We are more than willing to do mail order so let us know what you need.

I know that once they are gone, I will miss some of these threads -- but there just isn't enough room for everything.