Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TNNA Report

I'm back home and still have much to sort-new color sheets, notes from classes etc. Ridgewood Needlepoint will be trying a new soy thread. I have a small sample to try and then will bring in some additional skeins for you to try too. It's called Conjoined Creations. The classic collars are due in September but I want you to try it first!I hear that the designers-Tony Minieri, Cynthia Thomas, David McCAskill-all like it.

I forgot to mention a great idea from Julia's Needleworks. It's pre-finished dog collars that come in different collars and sizes. They are lightweight. I can't wait to see the painted designs. I need to stitch a collar for Marlowe (my apricot standard poodle)so it will be one of these. Of course, Lily, our Norwich terrier will need a matching collar, too.

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