Monday, June 04, 2007

TNNA Show - Day Three

Today is the last day of the show. It's much quieter and the remaining retailers are trying to tie up loose ends before they leave.

I talked with Doug Kreinik about his visit to Ridgewood Needlepoint on Sunday, September 30th. We are thinking about two classes: one on cording and the other on threads. In fact, Doug decorated my cell phone for me. I know some of you also scrapbook. He has great ideas for that, too.

I found some new Judaic designs that should be arriving soon. In March 2008 we will host a Judaic trunk show online and at the store from different designers so you can see as many canvases as possible.

There are lots of new finishing ideas. Zecca has a six rounds that were finished as long cyclinders. She then had then wrapped in silk. The cyclinders can be used individually or as a group. It was a great looking item.

I've been looking at threads for the Paper Dolls. The new blonde doll's name is Phoebe. They promise me a picture as soon as they get home. Keep watching.

Needlepoint Broad was displaying Ebbetts Field and the Fireworks from Anytown USA. I also loved the To-Do List for the dog owner.

There are some new designers at the show. Both Clara Wells and Mary Ann Murphy have some wonderful belts. Clara even has some great designs on #13 canvas.

Lowery has a new clmap that attaches to the table using your existing clamp. It's
pretty convenient for the traveling stitcher.

Maggie Co. has a great canvas on table manners. There's now a frame that goes with it. I've placed my order and can't wait until it arrives.

I'll be back at Ridgewood Needlepoint tomorrow.

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