Friday, May 06, 2011

Great Mother's Day gifts

I always think Mother's Day Gifts can be a particular challenge. Of course, for the preschool child, a gift is usually created in school. And nothing beats that picture frame or small flower growing in a dixie cup. But as kids get older, they often want to buy something. But for many, the suggested gifts are just too high.

At Ridgewood Needlepoint, we have a range of gifts that are affordable for the younger kits ( and , of course, ones that are more suitable for Dad to buy like these books.) The Ridgewood zip code key fob canvas is very affordable. In addition, we have scissors for under $10.

I always like to suggest the chapters of Amy's cookbook. An individual chapter is $12. And there are 24 in all, so the gift planning can be done for many years.

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