Thursday, May 26, 2011

Melissa Shirley Purses

We received two styles of purses with the trunk show. In this email, I've included three of one style and one of the other. All of them are gorgeous.

Once again, these purses should appeal to a wide variety of tastes. There are two absolutely stunning roses. I can see using either one of these for a summer purse. Think of them against a black linen dress!  I know that at least one if not both roses are done on larger mesh canvas -- so it will be quicker to stitch!

The third one of this style is totally different -- it's a geisha set in a beautiful garden. Again, I can imagine it against a black dress but I think you could use it throughout the year. These three canvases are on #13 mesh.  I must say that the winter scene is possibly more stunning on #13 mesh!

Finally, there is a picture of the pear purse. If you follow the needlepoint magazines, you know that pears have been quite popular recently.  This lovely purse works off of that theme. There is also a similar style purse in apples!

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