Monday, May 23, 2011

The Same Canvas stitched and finished differently

Gretchen and Erin both stitched the same Melissa Shirley witch needlepoint. But as you can see, the choices the stitcher makes can make a big difference. Gretchen used a bright yellow background plus a decorative stitch. Her witch's hair is also using a different stitch.

Erin chose plainter stitches but her blue background changes the whole look. Her witch's hair is also very effective.

Then, once they finished stitching, they made completely different finishing choices. Gretchen had the finisher use a black and white check materials for a pillow. Erin had a feathery material trim her stand-up witch.

Melissa Shirley has some wonderful Halloween canvases. This would be a good time to check her website or all the posting I've done on the blog. I regret to say that we only have the trunk show for less than a week.
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